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Types of Residential and Commercial Land Surveys

We are currently only specializing in Property Line Staking & Alcohol Surveys


ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

A boundary survey and drawing (plat) which meets the requirements of ALTA (American Land Title Association) and the ACSM  (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) and incorporates review of the Title Search provided.

Alcoholic Beverage Survey

Licenses are required for all businesses serving alcohol. The alcoholic beverage survey is performed to determine distance requirements from schools, churches, etc., as dictated by the City (if within the City limits) or the County in which the business is located.

As-Built Survey

A survey performed after construction to show the pre-existing and new improvements.

Boundary Survey

This survey reestablishes boundaries of a parcel using its legal description.  All property corners are either found or set and are displayed on a drawing (plat) along with all the permanent structures, above-ground utilities and any encroachments.

Commercial Survey

This encompasses surveys performed on properties zoned commercial or industrial.

Construction Survey

Staking the position and detailed layout of new structure(s) for proposed construction.

Exemption Plat

A County required survey, with individual specifications, for subdividing a property.

Flood Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is an official form of the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA).  A survey for a Flood Elevation Certificate provides verification of the elevation data of a structure and the Base Flood Elevation (established on FEMA maps)  on a given property relative to the ground level. This information is used in the flood insurance rating process and could lower insurance costs.

Foundation Location

The staking of structure or addition to ensure footprint is in correct proposed location and meets Municipality setback requirements

Foundation Survey

Verification that the poured foundation for a house or addition is in the correct proposed location and within municipality setback requirements. This is shown on a drawing (plat).

Line Staking

The property corners are located and stakes are placed along property lines to act as a visual marker when fencing is erected or when landscaping is modified.  No drawing (plat) is provided.

Mortgage Surveys

Determines land boundaries with locations of buildings, above-ground utilities, fences, driveways and possible encroachments and is shown on a drawing (plat).

Recombination Survey

A County required surveywith individual specifications, for recombining property which had been previously sub-divided.

Site Plan

A Site Plan is a pre-construction drawing (plat) that shows the location of existing improvements, the proposed house or building, driveway and other improvements. It includes a Boundary Survey, Topographical Survey, Tree Location Survey and a Grading Plan according to County requirements.

Topographical Survey

Surveys which measure the elevation points on a particular piece of land and are shown by contour lines and dimensions on a drawing (plat).

Tree Location Survey

A survey pinpointing the location and diameter of trees.  This drawing (plat) is then utilized by the Municipality’s Arborist to determine the removal and replacement of trees impacted by the proposed construction.